The CMS is the place where you can manage your CogCache account.

CogCache's CMS (Content Management System) is designed to give you comprehensive control over your account, ensuring that you can efficiently manage and optimize your use of Azure OpenAI LLMs.

The Safety & Compliance area of the CMS is a central feature, allowing you to oversee your cache with ease. This tool not only provides real-time visibility into the stored data but also allows editing of all the cache entries to align with your governance and compliance requirements, safeguarding your operations against potential risks.

In addition to compliance management, the CMS functions as an observability platform. It offers a detailed view of all the requests made to the LLMs, enabling you to monitor performance and gain insights into the way your AI applications behave. This level of transparency ensures that you can maintain the highest standards of performance and reliability for your generative AI tasks.

Furthermore, the CMS simplifies user and application management. You can easily control who has access to your CogCache account, assign roles, and manage permissions, ensuring secure and organized collaboration within your team.

Additionally, the platform also allows you to generate and manage API keys for your applications, streamlining the integration process. Additionally, you can keep track of your billing and usage, providing you with clear insights into your costs and ensuring that you can optimize your spending effectively.

Deep dive into the CMS

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